The Addiction

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Falling down the rabbit whole:
Trying to grasp parts of the nicotine
As the smoke floats away from me,
I begin to awaken in reality.
One puff.
Two puffs.
I am reunited with the mad hatter,
But as we explore wonderland,
The cigarette ends…


Plastic Limitations

Poetry, Silent Observations

Dolls lined up in neat rows of ten,
each equally afraid of lies, pain and disappointment
Drawn with aching smiles and soulless eyes:
cages are imprinted with redundant words to spark interest

A new era of egocentrically selfless dolls pollute the aisle
while the rest are left to decay into the dust they rose from
And as damaged beauty is glorified,
hearts are lost to the physical eye:

Money, magnified, manic
Absent, apathetic, abandoned
Grated, generic, glorified
Empty, effortless, edited
the end of each relationship is the beginning of every insecurity…

The Pseudo Doctor

Poetry, Silent Observations

As tears run down her face,
She holds back a smile because there is a certain beauty in remembering the fragility of your humanity.
The emptiness of pain begging for sharp steel to touch the smoothness of her skin as she becomes an addict to surgery.
And in that moment, there is only her and darkness…